Opinion | The Cognitive Dissonance of Putin's "Anti-Nazi" Stance.

Opinion | The Cognitive Dissonance of Putin's "Anti-Nazi" Stance.

The Cognitive Dissonance of Putin’s “Anti- Nazi” Stance

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FirstCuppaJoe for Mon. Mar. 20 (thread)
During my #MorningMeditations it suddenly dawned on me why the Nazis in Germany murdered 6 Million Jews. Just like our fascistic version of Nazis: the MAGA-Republicans, the Nazis considered the Jews to be economic and social competition. It’s about money, and the power over others that huge sums of it bestows. In the eyes of the “Third Reich,” the wealth and influence that the Jews had achieved by their high intelligence, work-ethic and moral values, was money that so-called “Christians”didn’t have access to.
So, here’s a clanging irony that engenders the deepest cognitive dissonance, in my opinion:

Putin’s claiming to be “Anti-Nazi.”

In their rallies, MAGAts, freely use the Nazi Swastika along with the old Confederate battle flag. Of those in Charlottesville, VA, Trump said, “There are very fine people on both sides.” This was after the infamous murder-by-automobile incident that had just occurred.

And yet the spew of MAGA-vitriol on Twitter frequently supports and apologizes for Putin and his murderous, insane, aggression against Ukraine — ostensibly, to get rid of “Nazis.”

Isn’t this the same old “misdirection” that con men and scammers use to fool the rubes: claiming that the “other side” is guilty of what the scammer is actually doing under cover? That just has to be the answer. There is none other which removes the cognitive dissonance.