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Opinion | The Air Up There

The Air Up There

© 2021 by Vernon Miles Kerr and VernonMilesKerr.com   Origianlly posted as a first draft to Twitter (@kerr_vernon) on 11/12/2021

Until this morning, I hadn’t read the “About” blurb on my blog in years. In it, I tell about my favorite subject matter, I list several things, then, “and politics with a jaundiced eye.”  Weird, I had already Tweeted, earlier this morning how politics is generally repulsive to educated, thinking people.  Here’s the latest example in my opinion: 

Until our California Governor “disappeared” for  a few days recently, I had no idea he was the god-child of one of the Gettys (yeah those Gettys.)  An article in the S.F. Chronicle revealed that contrary to his PR department’s claim that he needed to go “Trick-or-Treating” with his kids, the real reason is that he was attending Ivy Getty’s 4-day-long bacchanalia of a wedding— which included Nancy Pelosi as officiator and (get this) a tent with IV-drips trickling out a hangover remedy.  (Shades of Bohemian Grove!)  

Here’s my point:  How come the party of the down-trodden has always been led by scions of the 1% who also run the GOP?  Kennedys come to mind.  Others, like the Obamas and Clintons seemed to have come to prominence without those family connections, but used their time in office to catapult themselves into that thin atmosphere up there.  The Obamas’ recent purchase of a $15 million mansion on Martha’s Vineyard shows how effectively this works. 

The reader may be thinking “so what?” I dunno, too me it’s further evidence that we’re living in #EconomicFeudalism, forced to choose between only two political parties, both of which are run by the same group of elites.

We need a credible 3rd Party built on integrity, and lead by people with integrity.

Several years ago, I posted a piece, urging our young people to form one.  Dated though it is, the reader might enjoy it.