Opinion | Stupid Humans

Opinion | Stupid Humans

Stupid Humans

(Doing the Same Stupid Trick, Over-and-over Again)

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The Old Kerrmudgeon is in the room. It’s zero-six-fifty-four, STUPID Daylight Saving Time, on the Left Coast of North America. The Weather is boringly great, as usual. There’s been a Weather-High stalled over NorCal for days. Temps are a warmish, but dry, 90 degrees F. Evening temps are in the, near-chilly, high 50s. “Ho-hum, just another sh*tty day in paradise,” to quote a bumper-sticker I once saw on Maui.

I’m just kidding. It’s tough, though, not to feel schadenfreude over the weather here, after viewing the utter-devastation across Central Florida, this morning. Or is “survivor’s guilt,” more like what I’m feeing?

Yeah, NorCal has its occasional earthquakes, and serious wildfires—but, I had a gig in Mobile, AL for a few months one summer.

Upon arrival, I was given a page of about 50 items to buy and put in my car’s trunk, as an “evacuation kit.” The techies, in the IT department across the aisle, had a TV on, continually tuned to a weather channel. They’d be trying to focus on their work while casting an eye toward that TV, all day long—to see if one of the storms out in the Caribbean had changed its predicted course.
I’ll take worrying about “The Big One” over such an existence, any time.

Why do people keep “re-building” in the same damned hurricane-prone coastal areas—or the same damned flood-prone, or the same damned mountainous fire-prone areas of California for that matter? It’s like they’re saying,
“Hey God, I double-dare you to try that utter-devastation shit again!”

In my opinion, that’s one of the stupid, un-fixable things about humans—like this STUPID Daylight Saving Time. 🤬