Opinion | Re-Tweets — Dec. 10, 2021

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#FirstCuppaJoe for 12/10 (thread)

California, at least at low altitudes and along the coast, has a mild-enough winter climate to support a burgeoning population of homeless. Every city has a “Blue Tarp District.” They can be seen as blue smudges in satellite views from space. I’m among those who think it’s an OUTRAGE that homelessness even EXISTS and that it will continue to exist as long as politicians make ineffective “token” efforts to reduce it. Wimpy grandstanding, simply to put a checkmark in a public-relations box, is why homelessness continues to exist. “Look how we’re fighting for you!”

Sick. Our society is SICK! Our politics is SICK! Why is a REAL, responsive #Democracy important? Just take homelessness as an example. Take a survey, the results would be overwhelming: the PEOPLE want those homeless people into their own homes or into mental health or substance-abuse facilities. Politicians applying band-aid measures, in order to crow about it, is NOT the will of THE PEOPLE. Therefore, our system is not a democracy, and will remain not-a-democracy until REAL,honest, effective, and continual measures are taken to eliminate this OUTRAGE and so many other outrages like it. A #RealDemocracy is truly responsive to the will of the people.