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Cause vs Effect

©2021 by Vernon Miles Kerr, VernonMilesKerr.com   Orignally posted to Twtter as a rough draft on 9/9/2021

By making a show of at least attempting to deal with the effects of an evil, our Politicians and Press fool us into letting them off the hook. And they use our gullibility to their great advantage.  It’s even worse when a wimpy lackadaisical “attempt” is done with great bravado and showmanship, while poor people die.  I’m thinking specifically of the Republican response to Hurricane Katrina. Remember this: “I’d like to thank so and so…and…so and so and …”?  Or this:”Brownie you’re doin’ a helluva job.”? Even now, exactly 16 years later, just thinking of that clown-show sickens me.  

   Or, how about the “War on Drugs”?  Think of the millions whose lives are ruined, by addiction and the ever-increasing impact of drug cartels— not to mention the wave of local crime committed to support drug habits.

   I’ve reported before how one County Executive said he couldn’t afford my product.

“But the Sheriff’s Department bought one.”

“Well they have all that money from drug seizures.”

 At the time, we were in a small county in California’s far North, 500 miles removed from L.A.  According to this official, we could have eradicated the drug and gang problem at that early stage, but the “War on Drugs” was greatly benefiting local Law Enforcement. That explained the “lackadaisical” efforts against it.

   Meanwhile, we struggle against the effects of the waves of refugees crashing at our borders. These waves are driven by the wind of cartel-caused crime and corruption. Some politicians have even proposed for America to go into neighboring countries to help them deal with their crime and corruption. This is another proposal that deals with the effects, while the real cause—our own health crisis flowing from the “War on Drugs,” lies effectively unaddressed by our “wimpy lackadaisical ” efforts.

   Other Countries have de-criminalized all recreational drugs and have started dealing with them as an internal health-issue.  But America will never do this as long as the citizens are so easily fooled by deflection away from causes and by “wimpy lackadaisical” attempts done with great bravado and showmanship against —