Opinion | Apocalypse Now

Opinion | Apocalypse Now
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Apocalypse Now

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I’ve spent half my life living in, and around, San Francisco. I’ve now been in Modesto, a convenient two hours away, for 50 years. That proximity used to be a huge advantage. Not anymore: Going to the Bay Area has become increasingly depressing. The deterioration in quality-of-life ever since the 70s, has been EXTREME.

I’m puzzled why the rich continue to pay those extreme prices for real estate in order to live in “The City.” They must be very insulated against the apocalyptic mess surrounding them. Or, maybe it’s a combination of that, and having very strong stomachs. Or, maybe it’s the old, frog-in-the-gradually-increasing-hot-water scenario. Whichever—we, over here East of the Coast Ranges, cringe at the thought of that urban slime-mold eventually creeping our way and engulfing us. This is the 21st Century, folks. In my opinion, things are going to get far worse before ever getting better. Pray that this old saw is not a truism: “As California goes, so goes the nation.”