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Until we can generate the funds to have  a proper website.  is hosting this page, to be used for discussion in line with this simple mission statement:“Bring integrity to American politics;  and eliminate “tribal” thinking and tribal-methods from the American political process.”  Even this mission statement is open to discussion — even the idea of using a new, 3rd American political party to achieve that goal, is open to discussion. Also open to discussion is the roughed-out platform:

#NewIntegrityParty (This is a proposal; now accepting input.)

– – – P L A T F O R M – – –


1. Vetting of Candidates

2. Uniform Police HR Code

3. Equal Access to Healthcare

4. Rotating Central Committee

5. Amendment to nullify Citizens United

6. Corporations with defined rights (not legal persons)

7. Free Public Education to Doctorate Level

8. Enhance Free-enterprise by Enforcing Antitrust Laws

9. Limit Gross-wealth for any individual or corporation.

10. Change SEC Regs to Require Publicly-traded Corps to Declare a Mission-Statement that proves a Benefit to Society.

                  (No mergers unless merger-target enhances declared mission-statement.)

11. Restructure Federal Regulatory Agencies & Commissions to limit Industry “Insiders” to one or two, rest to be drawn from a cross-section of society.

12. Eliminate Privatization of Military Functions, Prisons and perhaps other Government Services.

13. End the Filibuster

14. Outlaw Gerrymandering

15. Require FCC Licensees to Provide Defined Free Air Time to Canditates


Use the Comments Section, Below Let the discussion begin…