Flash Review | Ghost in the Shell

The movie Ghost in the Shell was entertaining but confusing to me. Perhaps it’s my age (early seventies) or perhaps I fall somewhere on the Autism Spectrum. There was way too much going on, sensory overload.

It was hard to tell if the author meant to present a day-in-the-life in a dystopia or a utopia where things just went wrong one day.  If a utopia, who would want to live there?  Population-impacted mega-cities with 100 meter high holographic advertisements everywhere and traffic  looking like a disturbed bee hive.  If the author intended to portray a dystopia, it offers no solution as to how to avoid such a future.  A dystopia should do that, at the very least, by implication.

All such issues aside, the movie is worth catching for its rich color-saturated graphics and amazing special effects—as long as you are forewarned about the potential for sensory overload.