#FirstCuppaJoe | Putin's "Noble Cause"

Putin’s “Noble Cause”

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#FirstCuppaJoe for Apr 14 (thread)

Didn’t it give you pause, when #Putin said his atrocity in Ukraine was for a #NobleCause?  How could any “cause” justify the wanton targeting of innocent civilians?  How about a #NewCrusade?  Articles in Wikipedia and the link below, show the entanglement of the Russian Orthodox Church in #PutinsCrusade.  Wiki hints that the catalyst was a “Gay Pride Parade,” held this past September in Kyiv.  One also wonders about parallels between Putin’s Crusade and America’s Right-wing? If LGBTQ is an issue in Moscow, can “abortion” be far behind?  (Remember “abortion” was the reason for the American Evangelicals’ mysterious entanglement with the “sinner” Trump.)  This is from the Moscow Times:

     “Putin’s order (to limit abortions) was made public days after Poland’s top court deemed abortions performed in cases of fetal defects to be unconstitutional. For Poland, which already had some of Europe’s strictest abortion laws, the decision amounted to a near-total ban on the procedure, sparking mass protests in over 150 Polish cities.”

There you have it.  Why is #FoxNews so wishy-washy on the #RussoUkrainianOutrage? It’s seems like #ChristianMilitarism against LGBTQ and Abortion “rights” could be the connection. I’m sure the 9/11 perpetrators were convinced that their wanton quest to kill innocent civilians was “for a #NobleCause” as well.