#FirstCuppaJoe | Pariah Russia

#FirstCuppaJoe | Pariah Russia

Pariah Russia

©2022 by Vernon Miles Kerr

#FirstCuppaJoe for Apr. 24 (thread)

It took a massive “world alliance” to stop the Third Reich, and about 50 years of “Allied Occupation” in Germany to remove the taint of what the Nazis had done. Given the fact that no effective alliance exists to deal with Putin, Russia may remain, “#PariahRussia” for the next 100 years. Apparently, he still thinks being cut-off from the world’s banking system, and world commerce will work out okay for his country. Given the inter-dependance of today’s world, one can’t help but think he’s engaged in “magical thinking.” 

But, on the other hand, as long as members of the EU are paying Russia One Billion Euros per day for gas, Putin will always be able to find someone who’ll surreptitiously sell him all the stuff Russia needs from a worldwide black market. Sanctions will not work until every country gets on board. The land of Europe—being flattened and bloodied in the last century—should make the EU more willing to give up some economic, and creature comforts to stop a repeat for Ukraine (and whichever other countries are making Putin’s lupine jowls salivate.)