#FirstCuppaJoe | Let's Lose the Divine Right of Kings ... Again!

#FirstCuppaJoe | Let's Lose the Divine Right of Kings ... Again!

Let’s Lose the Divine Right of Kings … Again!

© 2022 by Vernon Miles Kerr and VernonMilesKerr.com – Originally posted to Twitter in rough draft on 4-5-2022

This horrific #PutinsFolly, following so close behind that unconscionable four years of #TrumpCatastrophe, has awakened me to another cancer that’ll somehow need to be excised in order to have #WorldPeace. This is so radical, I won’t blame you if you scoff:

In order to even dare to dream about a future #Utopia of peace, we must cease from investing executive political-power upon one #SolitaryHeadOfState. The devil is probably in the details, but isn’t the occurance of two madmen in possession of the world’s two largest #NuclearArsenals reason enough for us to quit creating #ManufacturedHeroes to worship?

This essay was prompted by one flash of insight as I meditated over coffee this morning: “Isn’t it weird how much the Russia/Ukraine geography is so similar to that of Canada and the United States?” Both share a mutual border. Both share speakers of the same language. Both trace their earliest origins back to the same set of events. Both share friendship and family ties across that border.

So… What would prevent a future Canadian or American #SolitaryHeadOfState from developing an obsessive desire to grab the real estate of the other? He or she would only need to follow the decades-long #PutinModelOfConquest: Keep a “drip, drip, drip” of propaganda going, which cooks-up an extreme fear of the other country. Emphasize patriotism and flag-waving — even throw in a little “God wants a unified North America!” Are we fools enough to dismiss the possibility of this—seemingly farsical—synopis? Come on! After what we’ve seen in the past decade?

The time for heroic #SolitaryHeadsOfState is over! Even if its demise will need a gradual whittling-away of solitary decision-making power, in favor of having a an executive “cabinet”—which vets all but the most dire, immediate dangers—it would be a start. Beyond that, we’ll need to expose the falsehood that “oaths of office,” don’t confer miraculous “divinty.” To hear the extrememists of both American political parties talk, one would have to assume that their picks for POTUS are, indeed, infallible gods.