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#FirstCuppaJoe for Apr 25 (thread)

Today’s “meditational revelation” is that the world’s “right-wing” is living in a #FascistDreamWorld, so much so, that they cannot accept the scientific realities of the human species. For example, the silly laws being floated in Texas and Florida which are based on the ridiculous assumption that natural genetic anomalies, which create individuals with gender dysphoria—or even homosexuality—don’t exist. They believe that such “behaviors,” are learned and are a matter of “choice.” And, that young people can be “groomed” to reject their own natural physical attraction for the opposite sex and replace it with a similar degree of deep-seated hormonal and emotional attraction for the same sex. Where does such #MagicalThinking come from? 

If you trace the origins of this right-wing #DreamWorld — no matter whether it’s evinced in the Eastern World or the Western World —it invariably leads back to the Abrahamic religions. This tradition, when concocted and eventually declared “holy,” imagined an #AntiUtopia, where all social organization is topped with a king, who has absolute, divinely bequeathed power over everyone below him.  Even this tradition’s deity is a male, sitting on a throne in a heavenly realm, whose word is law, and cannot be questioned upon penalty of eternal death. And, this tradition’s human family-structure reflects the “divine:” We see a father, whose word is law, with a female assistant manager acting the role of mother, topping a subservient gaggle of obedient children.

The appeal of such a simple system of governance is that it takes away the natural “messiness” of human beings, their psychological motivations and their more “genetic” forms of various propensities to socially-organize. “Various,” is what drives the #RightWing nuts. Things have to be simple with simple explanations — no matter how illogical. Nothing hurts the brain of a conservative more than unexplained mysteries.  Everything in creation must have a simple explanation, and that explanation should be readily proven by “scriptures” from their “holy” books.  

The danger to the world, from modern conservatives, is that they don’t blatantly declare their belief in the divine right of kings: To do so would be too revealing to the (nowadays) educated masses. The conservatives must couch these deeply held “scriptural” beliefs in political terms, in order for them to be “palatable” to those masses. Such couching is usually more subtle than a Donald J. Trump holding a “Holy” bible upside down, for a photo opportunity — in order to blatantly appeal to voters. Most conservatives have more sense than that. They keep the connection with the “divine” on the “down low.”

Would you get on the flight of an airline that had a 100% history of every flight crashing?  Every strictly-monarchical, biblically-structured country in history has eventually failed — so conservative, right-wing movements assume the mantle of patriotism instead of religion, wrapping themselves in the “Stars and Stripes” or whatever the design of the victim-country’s flag. Conservatives throw the term “democracy” around liberally. But the aforementioned #AntiUtopia only uses “democracy” as camouflage in the war for religious domination of the Earth. 

Quizzically, there are well-meaning conservatives who believe they support a purely economically-conservative model of governance. These people have been deceived. Conservatism, deep down, has nothing to do with economics.