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The title of this piece mirrors the newly posted tag-line for the blog.  It is an attempt to categorize my “body of work.” Perhaps that is not the right term.  “Body” implies a somewhat organized and reasonable gestalt.  In reality, my interests, my activities and my writing is a melee that almost defies categorization.  This can be fairly considered a fault, and I agree, but a recent TV conversation about dyslexia and other “disabilities” reported that accomplished individuals who experience them say they have gotten where they are because of their disabilities instead of despite them.  Our society speaks in terms of hyphen-challenged, as in “mentally-challenged” and “socially-challenged.”  Although mocked by comedians as being silly political correctness, there is some validity to the concept if a person is willing to accept short-comings in the hand they have been dealt by fate and to not be willing to “suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune” but rather to use that  “raw deal” as a goad toward greater effort and more resolve in living his or her life.  Relating this to my literary output, I can’t claim to have made any such heroic effort but instead to have just resolved to keep going and actually finish some of the myriad pieces I have in the pipeline at any given time.  

Future Posts

Going forward,  I plan to label each section of a post with one of the categories from my tag-line as an aid for the reader in searching for things in their field of interest.  Following each of these labels will be an excerpt from one of my novels, stories or other writings. My next post will follow this formula.