Drama | Survival In Paradise: The Screenplay

My film script Survival In Paradise,  discussed in an earlier post, has now been entered in several screenwriting competitions and is in the reading queue of three or four producers who are mutual friends of either myself or Manfred Wolf, the author of the memoir from which this work is derived. See http://www.survivalinparadise.com Initial feedback from… Read More Drama | Survival In Paradise: The Screenplay

Rhetoric | What is Leadership?

  What is Good Leadership?  (c) 2016 Vernon Miles Kerr This morning I received an email from Doctor Eduardo Diaz via LinkedIn asking for my comments on the above question, “What is Leadership?” http://www.linkedin.com/in/EduardoDiazPhD  After ten years in the banking industry,  followed by 25 years as an IT salesman and sales manager followed by my most… Read More Rhetoric | What is Leadership?

Drama | Screenwriting 1A – Lesson Four

Since our last lesson was posted, I have completed and copyrighted the screenplay I mentioned in earlier lessons.  The script, “Survival In Paradise” is an adaptation of Manfred Wolf’s recently published memoir “Survival in Paradise: Sketches from a Refugee’s Life in Curaçao.” http://www.survivalinparadise.com For your entertainment and–hopefully–learning.  I’ve included a link to the PDF copy… Read More Drama | Screenwriting 1A – Lesson Four

Rhetoric | Amnesty and The Enduring Question of Immigration

   My friend Manfred Wolf writes a regular column for the West Portal Monthly in San Francisco. Yesterday, he sent me a copy of his latest offering, which appears in the August 2014 edition. He has kindly given me permission to print both his column and my return email comments from last night. The subject… Read More Rhetoric | Amnesty and The Enduring Question of Immigration