Slide Show | A Short Walk to the Doctor

©2023 by Vernon Miles Kerr and The infusion center where I get my chemotherapy sessions is only a mile from the hotel where I stay in Roseville, California. These pictures document that little walk, taken on, a very rare, nice day, during the harsh Spring of 2023. You can see that many of the… Read More Slide Show | A Short Walk to the Doctor

Travel | CaliforniaNotes 2

©2020 by Vernon Miles Kerr,, October 30, 2020 In my previous post, Travel | CaliforniaNotes  I likened Texas and California as both being countries-within-a-country.  Actually, California is more like a continent-within-a-(former)country.  From semi-tropical San Diego and Los Angeles, to the Scotland-like, extreme North Coast, with its cold, blowing rain, near Crescent City —… Read More Travel | CaliforniaNotes 2

Travel | CaliforniaNotes

©2020 by Vernon Miles Kerr,, California and Texas have a few things in common. They’re both big, both beautiful and both could be—and actually, both used to be. countries — republics. Both have endless beaches, semi-tropical cities, a coldish North, world-class agriculture — along with mountains and deserts. If you’re planning a California… Read More Travel | CaliforniaNotes