Nostalgia | California Daydreamin’

California Daydreamin’ © 2020 by Vernon Miles Kerr,, Loved those lyrics, “…don’t know whatcha got till it’s gone,” That’s the upside of Coronavirus— if there is one. For a California road-warrior, lockdown is hell. I’ve worn out tons of tire sets (even down to the cords and belts, In leaner times) Pursuing work,… Read More Nostalgia | California Daydreamin’

Travels | Tokyo

Tokyo ©2010,2016,2020 Vernon Miles Kerr, She is more than huge, she is blatantly contradictory. She’s American-ish, but Japanesey; Familiar but exotic; Traditional but wildly avant garde.; Savoring but guzzling; Giddily young but staidly elderly. Near Shinjuku station it’s girls in blue jeans And tiny kimono-clad matrons popping into Starbucks. This immigrant from Seattle sits… Read More Travels | Tokyo