Re-Tweets | Cultural Mitosis

For America, there will be no amicable Canada-and-America nor, India-and-Packistan geographical mitoses. Today, our Mason-Dixon line runs between my yard and your yard, between my apartment wall and yours. … Read More Re-Tweets | Cultural Mitosis

Re-Tweets | It’s a Goog, Goog, Googley World

It’s a Goog, Goog, Googley World ©2022 by Vernon Miles Kerr and #FirstCuppaJoe for May 19 (thread) We like to bitch about Google because it’s’owned by a huge mega-corp. But when —ever— in world history has the combined knowledge of humanity been available to such an amazing percetage of the Earth’s population — at… Read More Re-Tweets | It’s a Goog, Goog, Googley World