Theology | A Parable

A Parable ©2020 by Vernon Miles Kerr,, One fine Earth-day, God grew tired of seeing and hearing God’s name carelessly thrown about  by human beings.  Humans had written and spoken so many conflicting things about God since the solitary, single time God had communicated with them, aeons before, that God decided to physically intervene… Read More Theology | A Parable

Philosophy | The “I don’t know” of Agnosticism

  The “I don’t know” of Agnosticism ©2020 by Vernon Miles Kerr, As a scientist of sorts, (i.e. a Software Developer and Computer Systems-Integration Engineer) I can usually suppress any of my emotional-swings toward religiosity with a healthy dose of skepticism.  If there’s a “Show-me State” somewhere in the great-beyond, that’s where I came… Read More Philosophy | The “I don’t know” of Agnosticism