Opinion | My Weekly “Best Turn-of-Phrase Award”

Best Turn-of-Phrase Award ©2019 Vernon Miles Kerr, vernonmileskerr.com Good rhetoric sometimes makes a point with humor, sometimes with cleverness, sometimes with surprise.  When a rhetorical turn-of-phrase hits all three with one fell swoop, it deserves an award.  Here is this week’s VernonMilesKerr.com award for Best Turn-of-Phrase: David A. Graham, writing in The Atlantic “Earlier this… Read More Opinion | My Weekly “Best Turn-of-Phrase Award”

Opinion | Are Tattoos Just “Fashionable” ?

Are Tattoos Just “Fashionable”? © 2018 Vernon Miles Kerr Today, my friend, former writing professor, and sometimes collaborator, Manfred Wolf retweeted: To which I replied: This little Twitter-exchange sparked a whole series of other thoughts about fashion itself and the subject of “tattooing the body,” including my limited knowledge of its history.  I know that… Read More Opinion | Are Tattoos Just “Fashionable” ?

Opinion | Do Corporations Feel Empathy?

An Open Letter to our California Senators The Hon. Dianne Feinstein The Hon. Kamala Harris Dear Senators, Feinstein and Harris: I’m writing to urge you to join a rapidly growing movement in our State and Federal Legislatures to remedy the unconscionable and inequitable results of the U.S, Supreme Court’s majority opinion in Citizens United v.… Read More Opinion | Do Corporations Feel Empathy?