Memories of Ontario

Making preparations to attend my 55th High School reunion in Ontario, California, my memories of our school,  Chaffey High, spilled over into memories of Ontario in general.  A while back, I wrote a nostalgic piece about how Ontario was back in childhood days.  You can read it at But I’m sure my memories are… Read More Memories of Ontario

The Schuco!

  © 2014  Vernon Miles Kerr   What was it about those little two-and-a-half-inch model racecars, with their quality German clockwork propulsion systems, that bring back such fond memories? The clickety-click of winding the spring, then placing it inside a used automobile tire… Putting it in gear with a clunk of the tiny shift lever…… Read More The Schuco!

Nostalgia | A Moment Called Ontario

A Moment Called “Ontario” © 2009, 2014 by Vernon Miles Kerr Not long ago, heading home to Northern California from San Diego, I was driving through a new multilevel freeway interchange that connects Interstate 10 and Interstate 15,  just East of the Ontario International Airport in Southern California.  Ontario was the town where I attended elementary school… Read More Nostalgia | A Moment Called Ontario