Social Commentary | Time-Traveler’s Journal

Time-Traveler’s Journal ©2018 Vernon Miles Kerr, When you’ve been on the planet for more than three-quarters of a century, past-time seems so compressed.  Sometimes, you feel you’ve been dropped into this age from the 1950s, constantly being confronted with, often shocked at, the differences—as if witnessing it all for the first time. A trip… Read More Social Commentary | Time-Traveler’s Journal

SciFi | Edelbach’s Odyssey Chapters 1 -10

Edelbach’s Odyssey Chapters 1 – 10 CHAPTER 10 Worrisome Implications ©2008, 2009, 2018 VERNON MILES KERR After the 20-light-year leap, the captain once more called for “stand-down.” “The speed with which they caught up with us after the 1 light-year leap, is troubling,” sent the XO. “More than troubling…ominous,” observed Steppingstone, “and the speed at… Read More SciFi | Edelbach’s Odyssey Chapters 1 -10