Re-Tweets | Flat-Earth Theory Proven

Even beyond a flat-America, we’ve experienced a similar flattening of the whole world in the past ten years.… Read More Re-Tweets | Flat-Earth Theory Proven

Travels | U.S. Interstate 70

While it seems I’ve lived my “civilian” life migrating up and down California’s Highway 99, my gig-worker, tech-life is different. It has been unfurled along U.S. Interstate70. I’ve recently called California 99 (formerly U.S. 99) “California’s Main Street,” and using a similar metaphor, we can accurately say that U.S.. Interstate 70, hereinafter “70,” is “America’s… Read More Travels | U.S. Interstate 70

Poetry | The Width, Depth and Breadth

The Width, Depth and Breadth ©2020 by Vernon Miles Kerr,, The width, depth and breadth of America — Of American hearts — is unplumbable and unspanable. Her edges may be rocky and tempest-tossed, Clubbed and shattered by angry political waves, But the hearts are pure, as the plains are vast, And the highways… Read More Poetry | The Width, Depth and Breadth