Drama | Conversation With a Three Year-old (skit)

©2021 by Vernon Miles Kerr, VernonMilesKerr.com  Conversation With a Three Year-old (skit) An old man is fiddling with pieces of an old wooden chair in a backyard shop. His three year-old great grandson strolls up. KID Whatcha doin’ Great Grandpa? GG Someone put this old Adirondack Chair out for the trash man. I’m restoring it.… Read More Drama | Conversation With a Three Year-old (skit)

Opinion | De-congesting Downtown

De-congesting Downtown © 2019 Vernon Miles Kerr, vernonmileskerr.com, writersclass.net Current widespread opinion seems to agree that city-centers, while cleaner and less crime-ridden than before, are becoming gentrification-magnets for large corporations, seeking the notoriety and cachet of downtown addresses.  As a consequence, the number of commuter miles is skyrocketing, the amount of real estate for parking… Read More Opinion | De-congesting Downtown

Social Commentary | Time-Traveler’s Journal

Time-Traveler’s Journal ©2018 Vernon Miles Kerr, VernonMilesKerr.com When you’ve been on the planet for more than three-quarters of a century, past-time seems so compressed.  Sometimes, you feel you’ve been dropped into this age from the 1950s, constantly being confronted with, often shocked at, the differences—as if witnessing it all for the first time. A trip… Read More Social Commentary | Time-Traveler’s Journal