Autobiography | Thanks for the Ride

Thanks for the Ride © 2020, 2022 by Vernon Miles Kerr, Introduction August 2022 In 2020, faced by the likelihood that someone my age wouldn’t be around much longer, I started this autobiography—but was soon distracted.  Now that my impending exit has been made even more likely, by a recent diagnosis of neuroendocrine carcinoma… Read More Autobiography | Thanks for the Ride

Opinion | De-congesting Downtown

De-congesting Downtown © 2019 Vernon Miles Kerr,, Current widespread opinion seems to agree that city-centers, while cleaner and less crime-ridden than before, are becoming gentrification-magnets for large corporations, seeking the notoriety and cachet of downtown addresses.  As a consequence, the number of commuter miles is skyrocketing, the amount of real estate for parking… Read More Opinion | De-congesting Downtown