Critical Writing | Some Insight into an Inscrutable Man

Some Insight into an Inscrutable Man ©2019 Vernon Miles Kerr, When I was in high school I decided to become an English teacher.  In my college freshman year, after reading The Catcher in the Rye, I  decided to become a writer. I know I’m only one of the millions who had an empathetic-connection to Holden… Read More Critical Writing | Some Insight into an Inscrutable Man

Opinion | My Weekly “Best Turn-of-Phrase Award”

Best Turn-of-Phrase Award ©2019 Vernon Miles Kerr, Good rhetoric sometimes makes a point with humor, sometimes with cleverness, sometimes with surprise.  When a rhetorical turn-of-phrase hits all three with one fell swoop, it deserves an award.  Here is this week’s award for Best Turn-of-Phrase: David A. Graham, writing in The Atlantic “Earlier this… Read More Opinion | My Weekly “Best Turn-of-Phrase Award”

Criticism | Beware of Mandated Kindness

Beware of Mandated Kindness © 2017 Vernon Miles Kerr San Francisco West Portal Monthly columnist, Manfred Wolf, in this month’s “This Time, This Place” column, examines the many facets of the current trans-atlantic trend to coerce kindness and “sensitivity” out of the populace, not only by public shaming, but—more ominously—by governmental mandate.  Here is the… Read More Criticism | Beware of Mandated Kindness