Criticism | Sully

(c) 2016 Vernon Miles Kerr From an aviation and technological standpoint, Producer/Director Clint Eastwood’s film about Captain Chesley Sullenberger’s heroic landing of an airliner in the Hudson River in 2009, is a riveting and entertaining movie.  From an historical and artistic standpoint it is suprememly dissapointing. While it is a marketing truism that a motion picture needs… Read More Criticism | Sully

Drama | Survival In Paradise: The Screenplay

My film script Survival In Paradise,  discussed in an earlier post, has now been entered in several screenwriting competitions and is in the reading queue of three or four producers who are mutual friends of either myself or Manfred Wolf, the author of the memoir from which this work is derived. See Initial feedback from… Read More Drama | Survival In Paradise: The Screenplay