Theology | A Fictional First-Person Narrative by God

____________________________________________________ A Fictional First-Person Narrative by God (c) 2022 by Vernon Miles Kerr, and INTRODUCTION The author credits the idea for this (humorously intended) piece, primarily to his Twitter-pal, in the United Kingdom, novelist Nicky Shearsby, and secondarily to inspiration, while engaged in today’s morning prayers. (Nic is all, “I love the first-person,… Read More Theology | A Fictional First-Person Narrative by God

Re-Tweets | To Religious-Hell and Back

To Religious-Hell and Back (c) 2022 by Vernon Miles Kerr and Our friend Destiney here, is like a lot of other people—myself included, before I was lured into a fundamentalist cult-like, so-called “christian” church. And, I’m still suffering from post-religious-organization-PTSD, 26 yrs later. 2 decades of sermons and bible-studies later—I came away … …convinced that… Read More Re-Tweets | To Religious-Hell and Back