Re-Tweets | Sacrifice

If there is a supreme intelligence, over-arching this and all other conceivable universes, and that intelligence is aware of us little primates, even designed our own evolution, for its own purposes, would it want physical sacrifice — any kind of physical sacrifice? … Read More Re-Tweets | Sacrifice

Re-Tweets | What’s It All About?

November 24th will mark 163 years since the publication of Darwin’s Origin of the Species. Ever since, the battle has raged between science and fundamentalist Christianity as to which account of creation should be accepted: The Bible or Darwin?… Read More Re-Tweets | What’s It All About?

Re-Tweets | What is “Real Life”?

  What is “Real Life”? (c)2022 by Vernon Miles Kerr and #FirstCuppaJoe for Sat Sep 17 (thread) When we humans say “Life,” to us, it encompasses a vast, complex, ages-long and unfathomably-deep, and unique, essence.But we are wrong. What the first paragraph describes is “Biological Life” — as we know it, here on Planet… Read More Re-Tweets | What is “Real Life”?