Poetry | Chronos

C H R O N O S (c) 2023 by Vernon Miles Kerr and VernonMilesKerr.com Time seems a river,An eternal, fluid flow,Toward the edge of all that is,Where it plunges into depths beyond human ken. Time seems infinitely divisive:We film nanoscopic slices of it —But it cannot be stretched nor hurried. Neither can it be… Read More Poetry | Chronos

Theology | What is Sin?

“Without a “church organization” or some “holy book” to define sin, what do I confess? I won’t argue with the subject matter of the 10 commandments in the Judaeo/Christian scripture, I will argue with naming them “commandments.” Our loving God does not command humans. God, rather, suggests and inspires. … Read More Theology | What is Sin?

Theology | The “Never-ending Post”

#FirstCuppaJoe for Feb 25 (thread) Here’s my assignment from today’s #MorningMeditations: Talk about: #TheBrevityOfLife, #DirectAccessToGod, #QuadrillionsOfSouls, #RuleByTollGate I dunno, maybe that’s too much to cover in a Twitter thread. I’ll go start a blog post, pin it to the top, then “publish” the first paragraph immediately, I’ll “update” it every few minutes so y’all can… Read More Theology | The “Never-ending Post”