Poetry | The Black Wall

The Black Wall © 2018 Vernon Miles Kerr   At the end of Life’s path There’s a black granite wall which is polished and smooth And cannot be seen through. Though it is opaque with tenacious opacity It gladly reflects back our opinions of Eternity.  

Poetry | What Purpose…Everything?

What Purpose…Everything? © 2018 Vernon Miles Kerr What purpose would everything serve An eternal, omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent Creator? What purpose, anything, temporary? But all is temporary: From the far-flung Galaxies To our grinding continental plates, To the squalling infant at birth. All, temporary; All, here-today; gone-tomorrow. When the sun has grown to scorch the Earth… Read More Poetry | What Purpose…Everything?

SciFi | Edelbach’s Odyssey Chapters 1 -10

Edelbach’s Odyssey Chapters 1 – 10 CHAPTER 10 Worrisome Implications ©2008, 2009, 2018 VERNON MILES KERR After the 20-light-year leap, the captain once more called for “stand-down.” “The speed with which they caught up with us after the 1 light-year leap, is troubling,” sent the XO. “More than troubling…ominous,” observed Steppingstone, “and the speed at… Read More SciFi | Edelbach’s Odyssey Chapters 1 -10

SciFi | Edelbach’s Odyssey (Chapters 1 through 9)

Read my work-in-progress SciFi novel Edelbach’s Odyssey at the link, below. I have just appended Chapter 9 “Comparison by Catastrophe”  In this  chapter Edelbach is shown a planet seriously in disorder, which has rejected the Husbandry’s offer of  technological knowledge and have pathetically taken a war-like stance against the altruistic motives of the “Benefactors.” Edelbach’s… Read More SciFi | Edelbach’s Odyssey (Chapters 1 through 9)