NewIntegrity Party

NewIntegrityParty dot Org Until we can generate the funds to have  a proper website.  is hosting this page, to be used for discussion in line with this simple mission statement: “Bring integrity to American politics;  and eliminate “tribal” thinking and tribal-methods from the American political process.” Even this mission statement is open to discussion… Read More NewIntegrity Party

Nostalgia | California Daydreamin’

California Daydreamin’ © 2020 by Vernon Miles Kerr,, Loved those lyrics, “…don’t know whatcha got till it’s gone,” That’s the upside of Coronavirus— if there is one. For a California road-warrior, lockdown is hell. I’ve worn out tons of tire sets (even down to the cords and belts, In leaner times) Pursuing work,… Read More Nostalgia | California Daydreamin’