Theology | Is There a Supreme Being?

The Question of a God

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Is There a God?
Is there a Supreme Being?
A Great Sprit?
For want of a better term, a God?
What keeps me from demanding it reveal itself?

It already has.

Music is the key. It’s nothing short of a miracle, the unexplained miracle given to human beings, back in “God knows when.”

The recognizing of a musical tune involves your amazing brain counting the frequency of each note then calculating the interval between that frequency and its immediate follower. The notes of a simple little tune, like the infant Mozart’s “Twinkle twinkle little star,” are not what your miraculous brain stores away, it’s that sequence of “intervals,” between notes: the mathematical data.

When you later hear a recording of “Twinkle,” no matter what frequency it starts on, you will recognize it. A rendition of “Twinkle,” starting with any of the 12 tones of music is instantly recognizable — by that mathematical calculation going on in your brain. Try it. It’s a simple little tune to pick out on a piano keyboard. Play it from several random starting points. Its “Tinkle, twinkle, little star,” no matter which way you “slice it.”

And that’s not the only unique miracle graced upon a little primate on a tiny rock, orbiting an ordinary star on an obscure corner of a galaxy-arm in a near-incomprehensibly deep pool of trillions of galaxies. But we’ll save those for another day. Peace to you and yours and to they and theirs. Peace to Earth, may world Peace eventually be a reality.

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