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Questioning the Bible is Not Blasphemy

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Organized Religion builds barriers and charges a “toll” to go through. The ancient Temple in Jerusalem had a section for worship and, behind an impossibly multi-layered and heavy veil, a “holy of holies” where the presence of God was said to be. Only the High Priest could venture behind the veil, and only on Yom Kippur. In order to have access to God, you had to go through the High Priest. The New Testament says when Jesus arose, “the veil of the Temple was torn from top to bottom.” This should symbolize that access to God was now open to everybody (which, in reality, it always has been.) But NO! Organized Christianity simply replaced the veil with “Jesus,” and replaced the Levitical Priesthood with that of the “Church.” To reach God, you need to chant the magic words and accept Jesus as the new “tollgate,” and bow to the authority of the new priesthood, “The Church.” How ironic.
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As my Twitter profile hints — as far as I know, at this point, I may only have months to live. Shouldn’t I be afraid of being “blasphemous,” in my posting a Tweet and a blog article like this? I am not. It’s the “marketing” & “monopolization” of access to God that’s blasphemous, in my opinion. The questioning of that, “human-tainted,” bundle of ancient writings is not blasphemy.

IF, (big if) the veil was really torn from top to bottom, maybe that was the only thing humanity should have take from it. A toll-taking priesthood was foiled. Access to God was now open. Period. Full stop.

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