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“psi,” Science or Pseudo-science?

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FirstCuppaJoe for Sun Mar. 19 (thread)

I keep thinking and meditating about the article that @LisaChristiePhD shared on the subject of “psi.” **(link below) Is this “science” or is it “pseudo-science”? Is the Universe (or Multi-verse, or Universes, if you will) merely a non-cognitive neural-network, connected by psi? Is this vast, metaphysical, non-tactile “Internet,” being described, just “dumb?” Or is it a sentient thinking being, itself — or even maybe a small part of a thinking being whose “location” is everywhere, including realms beyond what we can perceive as physical reality?

I’m reminded of how our ancestors puzzled over such mysteries as disease, attributing illness to “evil spirits.” From their perspective, this was a logical conclusion. If causation was invisible — “spirit” must be the answer — as it was for psychotic behavior: evil spirits which required shamanic “exorcism.”

When someone naturally recovered from illness, there was usually a shaman who took credit for it. What a great occupation — convincing others that you have power over the “invisible” forces of the Universe!

But, I digress. Is “psi,” merely Nature’s hidden “infrastructure.” Or is it part of a Supreme Being, something that extends beyond what we now know as physical reality? As the old saying goes, “The proof of the pudding is in the eating.” Hypotheses must be testable. I believe psi is merely evidence of a God of Nature. I test the hypothesis by daily prayer. I ask for things: solutions to problems, favor from others, increased knowledge of myself, greater ability to love. I get answers — little nudges of amazing coincidence. I suggest you try it.


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