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ThePlanet We’ve Inherited

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Brethren, (brothers and sisters) our mothers plopped us into a totally unique moment in world history, when a largely agricultural world, was developing into a vast, worldwide technological one which is now clashing with traditional, natural ways of human survival. Unfortunately, we have largely ignored the genius of our indigenous ancestors, who had exactly the same intelligence and cunning as we — their children of only a few centuries later. This ignorance is because of our focus on one ancient tradition, found in one mythical saga from the Middle East — a saga which describes itself as the word of God.

Because of this tunnel-vision we have needed to virtually “re-invent the wheel” of human cooperation and survival. Sadly, that wheel is now broken by an evil economic system — a sort of economic-feudalism — with so much political power, that humans of good will, who have a sense of human-community, are stifled and shouted down by the so-called “free speech” **of unlimited-ability to grease the wheels of the two law-making bodies of the most influential and powerful nation on Earth.
But this is the planet we have inherited. What can we individuals do about it?

For all my life, I’ve been a progressive, a liberal. But, I’ve ignored politics, assuming that the two American political parties (in those days, being barely distiguishable from each other - policy-wise) would take care of the sausage-making without my having to be in the kitchen (witnessing the gruesome process.) “Those days” have long-since passed. We have a Republican Party which is now singly focused on promoting “economic-feudalism” at the expense of individual humans. We have a Democratic Party which touts championship for the individual, but which is demonstrably-dependendent on the previously-mentioned “free-speech” grease. It may be arguably-naive to think that the reforming of the American Democratic Party is the key to the entire Planet’s survival — but, as the (by far) most influential enabler of the economic system which nourishes aggressive, criminal nations like Russia and China, America’s reforming of the Democratic Party, to eschew that grease, might eventually reform the world economic system as well — and cut-off the aggressors’ war-making ability.

**Citizens United v. FEC, 558 U.S. 310 (2010)

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