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Four tri-weekly cycles of chemo-therapy and 16 weeks of Monday-through-Friday radiation treatments have been a type of hell, about which I really should write a detailed narrative. However, because the Cancer was just about to enter my brain, without it, I most assuredly would be dead, or in hospice, awaiting death, at this moment. But what if a detailed re-telling dissuaded people who need such treatment? On the other hand, what if it allows them to steel their minds and go into it fully prepared for the “gore of battle”? I think the 2nd alternative applies.

Y’all who haven’t faced almost certain death — then escaped, have no idea what it can do for your priorities. One feels almost a burden to do something useful for humanity with this additional “borrowed” time — simply as a way of showing appreciation to the essence which encompasses the Universe. So, dear friends, come along with me on this brief continuation of my Earthly journey. If you feel my ramblings would be of benefit to others, please remember: A Retweet only takes 1 keystroke. ;)

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