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Now is the Hour

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When I finally located my High School pal, Hugh Railton in New Zealnd, in 2016, I recorded this in his honor. It was in a book of Maori Hymns he gave me, at our Chaffey H.S. 10th Reunion. He got the prize for having come the farthest, by the way. 🙂

It was one-take, no metronome track (obviously) Here it is, warts and all.

7 thoughts on “Music | Now is the Hour

      1. Hello, Vernon. Fresno is… Fresno. 😉 Cold and wet right now. Actually, my comment to which you responded was only entered by me yesterday. Truth is, I have been pre-occupied with life and am way, way behind in my email inbox; so keeping up with the blogs I follow has been languishing for several months. I’ve been trying to wend my way through the thousands of notifications. I cannot bear to just delete it all; at least for certain blogs I am loathe to miss. And I am certainly glad I took a few minutes to listen to that recording of yours. I hope you are well and braving the season triumphantly! The days will now start lengthening! Hoorah!


        1. I know exactly what you mean about our Valley weather. Modesto is about the same as Bulldog-land. I was amazed how fondly and nostalgically William Saroyan wrote about Fresno’s cold, gray winters. BTW, my late mother-in law was on the admitting desk at Sierra Hospital when Saroyan was brought in. She checked him in. He didn’t survive the visit. 😦 He was a literary giant, IMO.

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          1. Agreed. I confess that I have not read enough of Saroyan’s work; but I have read much about his life and times. My sister-in-law had a brief encounter with him at a department store. She said he was a kind, pleasant man. I have meant to visit the house here – his home that has become a museum – but have not managed it yet. I have shelves of ‘to be read’ volumes. I need to add some Saroyan to mix.


            1. Yes, I think it is about halfway. Perhaps 45 minutes or so from here. I’ll see if I can make it happen. Sometimes the rest of the household has other plans, don’t ya know. 🙂


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