Quikies | Ukraine and the Aliens

Where are those damned UFOs when ya need ’em?

According to current UFO folklore, ever since Roswell, the “Deep State” has been negotiating with those “Grays” for stuff like anti-gravity propulsion in exchage for I-dunno-what, along with a human-promise to “Disclose” to Earth’s billions that those “Aliens” exist. The folklore goes on to say that the Deep State has renegged over-and-over on that promise and that the Aliens, so far, have been patient, but their patience is wearing thin.

Well, with one human maniac in possession of nuclear weapons and an army of a hundred-thousand or more well-equipped soldiers, maneurering to start a major world conflagration…. Now would be a damned-good time for those Aliens to go ahead and “Disclose” themselves by melting down a bunch of Russian hardware — Gort-style.

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