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The Vacuum Called Twitter

©2022 by Vernon Miles Kerr and originally posted as a rough draft to Twitter on 2/12/2022.


After I complained about spending 5 1/2 hours on Twitter yesterday morning, I went back again for an hour or so in the evening.
Here I am again, it’s 4:37 am where I live, and I stand again at the precipice, ready to shout my petty little opinions into the dark, mysterious canyon called Twitter, to an audience of my imagination, hoping for approval from people and bots whom I will probably never meet.
It’s more than “approval” I seek though: it’s an even more pathetic, quixotic compulsion to move the public conversation toward my own selfish version of Utopia.
How could there be a more fitting metaphor than to say I am a flea trying to move a dog. The flea’s perspective is so short, he has no conception of the shape or extent of his canine environment. Yet, this flea comes to the closest hind leg, every morning, puts his shoulder to the massive wall before him and starts to push, and push,
and push.

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