Re-Tweets | An Important First Step

An Important First Step

©2022 by Vernon Miles Kerr and – Originally posted as a rough draft to Twitter on 1/2/2022
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Referring to California’s new law tightening up sanctions for misbehaving police officers, I wrote, “This is a step in the right direction, but why should a state wait until a possibly deadly infraction occurs to deal w/ racial bias, bullying personalities, or cowardice under threat of danger? AMERICA needs a #UniformPoliceHRCode, which would require PDs to TEST before hiring.”

To me, #Patriotism is viewing your countrymen/women as family. People on a journey with you. People with a mutual history and a mutual interest in making life better for everyone. In my own personal family and closest life-long friends, there are “conservatives.” They are no less loved.

Criss-crossing America for most of my life, I’ve met so many friendly, loving people. I’m positive that many would not agree with me politically. But I have a deep love for them. It’s not our pretty flag or songs like “God Bless America,” it’s deeper. I think the most patriotic thing I could do, the most patriotic gift I could leave America is to promote a National #UniformPoliceHRCode, similar to the #UniformCommercialCode which was voluntarily adopted by all 50 States. Why so important? We need PDs that are respected and vigorously supported by the grass-roots, the man and woman on the street. All of them: except hardened criminals. Our achieving that could be an important first step toward unifying Americans, and making America that peaceful, civilized country we dream about.

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