Poetry | The Word

©2021 by Vernon Miles Kerr, VernonMilesKerr.com

The Word

In OUR beginning was the Word
As without it, nothing in our Reality-of-Words could exist.
What is real is what we say.
We communicate our thoughts with Words
And because our thoughts are chaotic,
So are the Words, 
And the disease of chaos
Goes virulent and spreads amongst us.

Word's handmaiden is the Lie.
She clings to Word and is scarce
Excised by even the sharpest
Of scholarly, rhetorical scalpels.
And even then, her seeds lie hidden in folds
Of Wordly flesh, only to sprout again
At the briefest moment of inattention.

By The Word, innocents are put to death
And scoundrels are set free
Because we have put one hand
On a book of ancient, shifting Words
And have sworn that Lady Lie will not
Be present in ours.
So the Words spew out, prompted by
The chaos of Memory —
And precedent is established from chaos.

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