Opinion | The Cuban Protests

The Cuban Protests

(c) 2021 by Vernon Miles Kerr, VernonMilesKerr.com

We — ALL of us — Libs AND Conservatives, need to take a good, long, hard, introspective look at America’s history with Cuba. We supported a fascistic dictator because it advanced OUR business interests. How much grief did it cause the Cuban people?

,The sad solution was a bloody revolution and more years of suffering under Castro’s Communism. Then WE ladled more suffering onto the Cuban people with our strangle-hold of embargoes and other sanctions. Why? Our BUSINESS INTERESTS! Today, Ultra-capitalists are STILL leading Uncle Sam around like a pit bull on steroids, creating new Cubas. A real scholar could write a book about this. Maybe one has.

If so, please recommend it to me.

One thought on “Opinion | The Cuban Protests

  1. There’s a strange habit Americans, left and right, are prone to. They’re often almost gleeful in saying “It’s America’s fault.” That sort of comment has two sides. One, a criticism of America. Two, an overvaluation of America’s power. Sure, what you describe is partly, partly, accurate. America has much to answer for in its Latin American policy. But it also sought to encourage democracy, and a modicum of good government, and a semblance of a reasonable, middle class society. Criticizing America is easy, often just, but by and large inadequate as genuine thought on this subject.

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