Opinion | Armageddon

(c) 2021 by Vernon Miles Kerr,

We are ALL lucky in one respect: As upsetting and hopeless as it seems, we have been “blessed” to be present to witness the greatest upheaval of social, religious, economic and political strife in the history of Humanity. No previous age compares because it is a worldwide condition. Although some empirical evidence of an impending societal collapse is readily available, there is zero agreement on whether this upheaval is really unique, or what any of it means — or even whether it’s good or bad.  

Those of us in the “First World” are watching it on our TVs, lamenting and empathizing — or rejoicing, depending on our various psyches — but, can we effect the inevitable outcome? Our joining a political or religious movement, tweeting or writing opinion pieces is little more than commiserating with like-minded individuals. The impression I get, is of a complex engine which is out of balance. Even though there are vibrations making it obvious, if the operators keep opening the throttle, the imbalance will grow more pronounced — and, inevitably, the machine will flail itself to pieces.

To me, it looks like disintegration is inevitable. Whether it is caused by a natural process flowing from virtually instant travel and communication, or it’s the result of a conspiracy of elites who are messing with something they are not qualified to mess with, collapse is inevitable. It won’t be pretty, but it may be cathartic. A simpler, less materialistic, more peaceful society may result. That is, IF we take lessons learned and try to avoid the same mistakes. Many of you will be around to witness it. Folks of my age probably won’t. Good luck.

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