Poetry | Scolding


©2021 by Vernon Miles Kerr, VernonMilesKerr.com
Scolding isn’t  instructing
Neither is it mentoring,
No matter how needful
The recipient.

Scolding doesn’t inspire
But secretly infuriates;
It constipates growth,
Withers self-worth.

Scolding’s intonation is downward,
Like the one for alarm:
“Look out!”
“You asshole!”
“You smoke too much!”

Scolding's tone is never calm and humble,
But always sharp and proud.
Its purpose is to force compliance
Not to secure agreement.

So, though Scolding is ineffective
It is still resorted to —
Thinking it a quick-fix.

And even if Scolding fails,
It still feels good to the scolder.

3 thoughts on “Poetry | Scolding

  1. I agree with the sentiment.

    You are a man of many genres.

    A friend of mine, Tina Martin, who took Junior Seminar from me has (self) published a book that I plan to send you a copy of when it’s out. I think — not sure — that you’d like it. Will take another few months.

    Manfred >


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