ReTweets | Humanity’s Big Two

Humanity’s Big Two Tweeted March 24, 2021 ©2021 by Vernon Miles Kerr, #MorningMeditations (thread) I’m not a #politician, nor a #theologian — so take this for what it’s worth. I’m an #Agnostic who SUSPECTS that there’s a supreme intelligence infusing our Universe. So, I pray. Then I get answers — not words…just, realizations. Instant… Read More ReTweets | Humanity’s Big Two

Poetry | History

History (c) 2021 by Vernon Miles Kerr, Yesterdays connot be viewed, Only proposed by the mess they left behind: Scraps of sloughed-off skin, Bits of fabric, shards of bone, Caprolites in caves, Or marks left on their walls, By ancestors extrapolating That we’d be around someday to read. Even their great, stone stuctures, Too… Read More Poetry | History

Poetry | Scolding

Scolding ©2021 by Vernon Miles Kerr, Scolding isn’t  instructing Neither is it mentoring, No matter how needful The recipeint. Scolding doesn’t inspire But secretly infuriates; It constipates growth, Withers self-worth. Scolding’s intonation is downward, Like the one for alarm: “Look out!” “STOP!” “You asshole!” “You smoke too much!” Its tone is never calm and… Read More Poetry | Scolding