Poetry | The Width, Depth and Breadth

The Width, Depth and Breadth

©2020 by Vernon Miles Kerr, VernonMilesKerr.com, WritersClass.net

The width, depth and breadth of America —

Of American hearts — is unplumbable and unspanable.

Her edges may be rocky and tempest-tossed,

Clubbed and shattered by angry political waves,

But the hearts are pure, as the plains are vast,

And the highways striaght, wide and endless.

One doesn’t “drive” them, one inhales them,

Stopping for gas on the edge of tiny towns,

Listening to the talk of mundane daily life,

Of bills, of kids, of aches and pains.

I accelerate back onto the Interstate,

Savoring the experience, hungering for more.

One thought on “Poetry | The Width, Depth and Breadth

  1. My immediate reaction, to the results of the 2020 US Election , made me wonder if this poem was a little naive — considering that virtually half of Americans voted for a man I consider uncivilized. If there ever was a human type of the metaphor in my Poem “Louis xvi,” describing our current economic system, Trump was it.: “A Frankenstein’s Monster, stitched from / Parts of a cadaverous economic order, / Yet walking, but streaming a gagging stench— Presaging death—behind.”
    50% HALF! Are they devoid of the basic goodness I described in this poem? Later I decided, no. They are not devoid. They, and “progressives” like myself have just been drinking out of two different media firehoses.


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