NewIntegrity Party

NewIntegrityParty dot Org

Until we can generate the funds to have  a proper website.  is hosting this page, to be used for discussion in line with this simple mission statement:

“Bring integrity to American politics;  and eliminate “tribal” thinking and tribal-methods from the American political process.”

Even this mission statement is open to discussion — even the idea of using a new, 3rd American political party to achieve that goal, is open to discussion.

Could that mission be achieved by having a simple “Politician Bureau” where good-deeds and mis-deeds are objectively listed on each and every person holding any political office in the U.S.A?  While definitely an improvement over the very restricted information voters are getting via our bi-polar, contradictory news media, a simple reporting bureau would not solve the medieval cross-aisle jousting match that’s been going on in both houses of the U.S. Congress in recent years.  Would adding a “third-aisle” help to break up the melee?

Also open to discussion is the roughed-out platform found HERE.

Let the discussion begin…

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