Poetry | The Yin and Yang

Yin and Yang

© 2018 by Vernon Miles Kerr, vernonmileskerr.com writersclass.net

As do the Yin and Yang,

The black and white

Of that ancient Asian dichotomy,

The antipodes of Human Nature

Revolve in nauseating monotony:

Sumos exchanging brooding glares before the lunge.


The meth-addicted darkness

Rolls its empty sockets at the creative surge of a symphony;

The holocausts sidle up to a mother’s tender touch;

An alleyway’s sodden sour garbage

Rubs against the flash of insight from a Dickinson poem;

A bombed-out Syrian  city’s collapse

Echoes through a tranquil Kyoto temple-garden;

The black tear of mourning

swirls against the white tear of joy.


Not that white could ever subsume black,

Or that both meld into dishwater gray…

Or that humanity could become pure light…

But would that the black become ever grayer

And the white stay white.

3 thoughts on “Poetry | The Yin and Yang

    1. Thanks, man. When this Corona-crap is over, let’s meet half-way, in Chowchilla sometime for lunch. BTW, I had an epiphany a few mornings ago, during meditation. It sounds crazy but the message I got was that the altruism, our better nature flows out of a sentient Universe (God if you will) and the darker part, the selfishness, the greed etc. is chemical — tied to the Earth. They are in a tug-of-war, it’s up to us to choose. God does not command, God merely inspires. (sorry, I assure you I’m not cray-cray, only bi-polar) 😀 ROFL


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