Nostalgia | California Daydreamin’

California Daydreamin’ © 2020 by Vernon Miles Kerr,, Loved those lyrics, “…don’t know whatcha got till it’s gone,” That’s the upside of Coronavirus— if there is one. For a California road-warrior, lockdown is hell. I’ve worn out tons of tire sets (even down to the cords and belts, In leaner times) Pursuing work,… Read More Nostalgia | California Daydreamin’

Opinion | Humanity’s Greatest Need: A Secular Morality

Humanity’s Greatest Need: A Secular Morality ©2020 by Vernon Miles Kerr,, Today’s world is a world of deception.  Politicians promise to bring Utopia if elected, fully knowing they cannot deliver. Once in office, they lie, pull dirty tricks or just vegetate — collecting a handsome salary and selling power and access to the… Read More Opinion | Humanity’s Greatest Need: A Secular Morality