Travels | Boulder


© 2010, 2016, 2020 by Vernon Miles Kerr,


Quirky, busy little Boulder

With its sprawling, yellow brick university

And Nineteenth Centry business district,

Spread out at the foot of the Flatirons.

Those jutting stone slabs  seem to grow out of Boulder

Not visa-versa.

They  thrust upward beckoning the hikers,

Promising untold vistas higher up in the Rockies,

That backbone of North America.


The buskers and hippies along Pearl Street’s Walkway

Chat and snigger at the weird plain  people

From places like Des Moines or Bakersfield.

The visitors gasp at the neon sign advertising

A basement weed dispensary.

They playfully push each other toward the steps.

Most resist, but some descend

With a feigned resignation

And a hidden smile.


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