Poetry | Genesis


©2019 Vernon Miles Kerr, vernonmileskerr.com


In the beginning, God made essence;

He held it between His forefinger and thumb,

A tiny singularity.

He gave it cyclical movement, frequency,

Then sent it hurtling outward from the point of creation

Giving it  linear movement, progress.

And God observed and noted outward progress

And called it time.


With no one else to observe progress,

Time had meaning only to God.

All was only essence, cycling furiously

Sweeping outwardly.

But all was only uniform, concrete,

A batter with no lumps.


God flailed his finger through the streaking essence

Disrupting and varying frequency.

He liked the resulting chaos;

It added randomness.

He watched the essence, its changing colors,

Its collisions its knots, and its tangles.

God, Himself was fascinated.

He wanted to share His delight.


So God began nudging essence,

Coalescing it into entities

Who could observe and note progress,

Thus giving time an expanded meaning

Because now, more than God could perceive it.


As essence progressed further outward

The observing entities became even self-aware.

God was delighted when they shared His fascination

With the all of essence,

Especially when they extrapolated Himself,

Giving Him praise and credit for all.

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