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A Word of Thanks

First of all, Thank you so much for your readership and comments on  I will keep posting my own work, right here, but I have just created a new site which focuses exclusively on the art of writing in English.

The name of this new site is Writers Class the link is https:/

Here is the intro to that site:

Day One, Writers Class

The world is filled with wanna-be writers, or so it seems. Don’t all those library shelves, overflowing with books, seem intimidating? There’s a lot of competition out there. Trust me, as a largely un-published writer, I too, get discouraged. But if I were in it for the money I think I would have given up long ago. It’s the love of writing in the English Language and the magic of rhetoric and story-telling that keep me going. There were several things that motivated me to create this new blog, which will be solely devoted to the Art of Writing:

  • Collaborating with anyone who considers themselves a writer.
  • Sharing editing suggestions for any writer, amateur or professional
  • Sharing articles and advice from the thousands of good writing publications out there
  • Developing in my readers the same love and appreciation I feel for the English language and for its rich heritage of literary and artistic excellence
  • Developing a following of vocal critics of bad writing and sloppy editing, holding the publishing industry’s feet-to-the-fire to stop the trend of economizing on editors and editor salaries, as if there were no moral reason for striving for journalistic and literary excellence. There is a moral reason: it is the requirement to show gratitude for our gift of English, the world’s greatest, richest, most welcoming and most non-chauvanistic tool of expression — ever.

Please go check it out 🙂  As always comments and “follows” are humbly appreciated.



2 thoughts on “The Art of Writing | Our New Sister-Blog

  1. from W.H. Auden:

    Time that is intolerant of the brave and innocent, and indifferent in a week to a beautiful physique,

    worships language and forgives everyone by whom it lives. . .

    Auden’s wonderful celebration of language, second only to Kerr’s. Maybe not word for word, but close enough. Manfred

    ======================================= >

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