Poetry | Fluidics III

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This is the third iteration of “Fluidics”  The reader can use our Search feature to see how the poem has evolved.  VMK

Fluidics III






Flow inward

To be absorbed,

And then to rot —

 In the stench of the grave.



Human Kindness,

Creative Energy,

Flow outward —

Propagating heart-to-heart,



2 thoughts on “Poetry | Fluidics III

  1. Discussed this with Bill (Gates) and Mark (what was his last name?) and we agreed. The power of money is a consolation to the soul. It southens inequality, and helps economy: media, banks, lawyers, and even some artists, breath because of the pennies supplied by the very rich. And, Christianity favors the poor over the rich, not to forget.

    regards, Drager


    1. Thanks for your comment. Yes, having sufficient material resources can be a good thing, depending on the character of the one holding them. Paucity is generally a bad thing. I think this poem speaks to the misuse of wealth, for egotistical purposes. The pleasure only lasts until we die. Altruistic acts (paying it forward) are still resonating after we die, rippling outward ad infinitum. My poem “In the Interim” also speaks to this. https://vernonmileskerr.com/2016/02/21/in-the-interim/ Thanks again for your comment. 🙂 VMK


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