Opinion | Can Morality Exist Without Religion?

 Can Morality Exist Without Religion? ©2017 Vernon Miles Kerr In the late 19th Century, “Liberal” teaching threw out religion, along with religion’s moral guidelines, replacing those guidelines with moral relativism and situation-based ethics.  Since then, the world’s diminishing moral conscience has been claimed and dominated by its religious organizations, whose abuses and excesses have further… Read More Opinion | Can Morality Exist Without Religion?

Criticism | A Lesson in Story-telling

 A Lesson in Story-telling My friend and fellow blogger Mitch Teemley http://mitchteemley.com had this excellent advice for aspiring writers.  I include it here with his permission. Check out, also the links to earlier tutorial articles. VMK   Tips for Writers: Trust the Story Posted on September 29, 2017 by mitchteemley Experience is the most effective teacher… Read More Criticism | A Lesson in Story-telling

Criticism | “Muslims in Europe” by Manfred Wolf

  Having read both of Manfred Wolf’s previous books of recent years, I’m a fan. While “Survival in Paradise” was deeply personal and at times, surprisingly emotional, this new book, more like his earlier “Almost a Foreign Country,” is shrewdly logical and (typically) deeply analytical. Wolf seems to always have a unique take on puzzling… Read More Criticism | “Muslims in Europe” by Manfred Wolf